Traced Jackets


Custom Heat Traced Jackets for Freeze Protection and viscosity control offer quick and easy install and removal.

Traced Heating Jackets are clean, modular, low watt density heaters. These custom designed, insulated Heating Jackets, use Commercial Heat Tracing Cable for their heating elements. The robust, stitched construction configures into preformed shapes with Self Regulating Heating Cable inside, including the necessary hardware and termination fittings to maintain approvals for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous areas.

Freeze protection is necessary to keep liquids flowing when weather conditions are not ideal. Viscosity Control, to flow thick liquids from oil to wax and chocolate, requires heating for proper temperature maintenance.

Whereas traditional Electric Heat Tracing methods, where Self Regulating Heating Cable is installed directly on pipes and valves with insulation is permanent, Heat Traced Jackets offer the advantage of being able to be removed and reinstalled, when maintenance of the system is necessary.


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