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Industrial Silicone


Custom Designed, Special Heating Tapes offer a flexible, low-cost way to apply heat to unusual areas. Valves, tubing, vessels or any other hard to heat surfaces, may be wrapped with custom configured Special Heating Tapes. Ideal for the Pilot Plant or Laboratory, these Industrial tapes have additional ruggedness for quick install and continuous use.

The heating element is multi-strand resistance wire, braided with AMOX™ yarn and knitted into the serpentine shape to minimize thermal shock and tensile stress from expansion and contraction. Mono-Tape™ (1 wire), Duo-Tape® (2 wire), or Trio-Tape™ (3 wire) may be used in single or multiple runs to achieve the desired geometry.

Heat Capability: Silicone or Teflon Heaters, 482°F (250°C), or Fabric Fiberglass, 900°F (482°C) or fabric AMOX™ to 1400°F (760°C). Please note that exposure to temperatures exceeding 800°F for Fiberglass, or 1200°F for AMOX™, are not recommended if the Heating Tape would need to be manipulated once in place. (removed and reinstalled)


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