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For over 40 years we’ve supplied heaters and controls systems for our customers’ unique applications. Our efforts, combined with the diversity of solutions that we’ve developed, have allowed us to forge trustworthy relationships with all our principals in solving, often complex, process problems with exacting and efficient solutions. While we attempt to solve application issues using standard off-the-shelf products (to minimize costs), some of these processes have required us to design and build bespoke systems with our principals. We have been instrumental in developing new products for our principals that have proven be very successful. In recent years we’ve noticed a marked shift in the types of material being used across industries in efforts to reduce material and manufacturing cost while improving final product capabilities and specifications. Recognizing this trend we have helped numerous companies with their efforts in developing new manufacturing processes with innovative process controllers and sensors.

About The Owner

Douglas Davis, or Doug as he likes to be called, is the founder and CEO of Davis Heaters. In the industry for over 35 years now, he knows all there is to know about heaters and controllers. “I’m passionate about solving process heat problems, often by exploring alternate innovative methods,” he says. His passion leads him to look for the most robust and economical solution for clients.

He explains that process heat problems are unique for each client and require meticulous attention to detail. As an example, he explains his work with a heater process to dry a fabric and polymer material designed for industrial applications. “Although a single pass air heater would perform this task the energy cost would be excessive,” he explains. Devising a solution to this problem, his team supplied them with a Gruenberg conveyor oven that was modified with a multiple loop system to run the material though the oven several times. “Due to lack of floor space we installed the oven vertically, quite an unusual installation,” he further details. “After several years the system continues to operate successfully.

He recalls another interesting project where a customer wanted to apply a protective layer of very thin plastic sheeting to protect their product in shipment. The process needed a small amount of heat in order for the film to stick to the product. His eyes light up as he explains the solution they came up with: “We installed a bank of IR heaters and an infrared temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the sheet. This process required two controllers, a cascade system. One to measure the temperature of the sheet and the other to control the heaters. Direct control of the heaters would result in temperature variations.” The solution was effectively implemented and is still operational after many years with no maintenance issues

A solution could be as simple as installing dehumidifiers to mitigate the effect of environmental changes or it could be a major process requiring a solution unheard of before, but customers can be sure that a solution Doug will definitely find! Identifying what the problem is and coming up with the right solution for the client is an art and this is evident in his work

When he isn’t working, Doug loves spending time with his wife (who he’s known since they were both 14) and granddaughter, and volunteering at the nursing home he has been visiting for 11 years. He feels deeply for orphaned children in India and contributes his time and resources to do what he can. Be it work or anything else in his life, as his clients and associates will vouch for, he cares deeply. Give him a call for anything to do with heaters and controllers and you can see the man in action for yourself.

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